Mediumship reading

Mediumship is a soul to soul connection. We are all a Soul and even after the physical body is gone the Soul lives on. 

In an evidential mediumship reading, your loved ones in the Spirit world validate who they are by conveying

specific, detailed evidence so unique to them that you recognize and validate their presence. For example, I may receive details from them about their personality traits, habits, items they treasured, shared memories, or other details only you would know. Loved ones often give details of things going on in your life since their passing to validate that they are still with you and they also give messages from the heart. 

Private sessions are intended for one person. For multiple sitters ("Group Readings") visit

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Psychic Reading

During a psychic reading (tuning in to you)  I become aware of the greatest need of your soul. Changes with work, relationships, and personal matters can be as emotionally charged as the loss of a loved one. We determine our future as we move through the present and nothing is "set in stone". A psychic reading can give perspective to assist you with making the most informed decisions possible as you create your own future.

For those who are open to it, many readings are a combination of a mediumship reading (tuning in to Spirit world) and a psychic reading. I let Spirit lead the session wherever it needs to go. 

Private sessions are intended for one person.

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Oracle and Tarot Card Reading

Using a blend of Oracle and/or Tarot cards I will intuitively look into your space while giving you a visual representation of the guidance through the cards. Through the use of a combination of multiple decks, you will receive clarity, guidance, and useful insights into your life.

 This session is intended for one person.

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Zen Mini Reading 

This 30-minute reading is designed for returning reading clients only. A Zen Mini reading is great if you just have one question you'd like insight into. For example, "I am choosing between 2 jobs, what can we know about each option?". This is also appropriate if you'd just like to hear from 1 loved one in the spirit world. For example, a client who has done a full session in the past and wants another short validation/ message from Dad. If you're unsure, please email Joy at [email protected]

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What is the difference between psychic and mediumship?