Personalized guided meditation 

Using your name and one to two areas of focus of your choice Joy will create a personalized meditation, just for you approximately 15 minutes in length. You will receive a video of your meditation that you can download to your device.

Example areas of focus for inspiration: release anxiety, spend time with a spirit guide, relax the physical body, send healing energy to yourself or others, personal empowerment in general or a specific area of life. 

Feel free to be creative; the possibilities are endless! 

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Personalized guided meditation explained

Learn how Joy can create a personalized guided meditation for you using your name and areas of focus 

Free guided meditation 

This is a free general (non-personalized) meditation to release anxiety or stress, receive strength, healing, and guidance

What our customers are saying

OMG, Joy, it's fantastic! I listened last night in my meditation spot and it was perfect--exactly what I needed. There was a heaping dose of your intuition in there. too. It's just lovely, and I can't thank you enough.

Crystal R