Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your cancellation/ reschedule policy?

A: I understand that scheduling conflicts arise. Please make any cancellations/ rescheduling a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Cancellations/ reschedules made with less than 24 hours notice will result in a charge of 50% of the originally scheduled service. (ex: A 90min therapeutic massage cancelled 20 hours in advance would result in a charge of $55)

Q: What happens if I am late for my appointment time?

A: I make every effort to be on time for each of my clients as I view each one as a VIP. In order to remain on schedule the amount of minutes late will be deducted from the session length. There will be no reduction in price for the missed portion of the session and for Specialty Treatments a portion of the treatment may need to be omitted. On occasion, under special circumstances and if I have no one scheduled in the following time slot, I may be able to extend the time into the full session length. (ex: 15 min late for a 60min Deep Tissue massage would result in a 45min session).

Q: Can I receive a massage if I am ill?

A: That depends on the condition. Some conditions will require a physician's release to allow permission for treatment. If you have a fever, please reschedule. If you have a cold, please wait until the acute symptoms have passed. Massage may make you feel worse and can actually prolong recovery time. When in doubt, please ask your physician or feel free to call or email me. Please let me know any time there is an injury, illness, change in medication or supplement, etc. This will help me provide the best possible session for you. The best rule of thumb is if you have symptoms you're contagious.

Q: Why do you need my medical history ("Do you really need to know all this stuff")?

A: Massage affects the entire circulatory system. Any medication, whether prescription, over the counter, or of the natural variety is important to mention. If you are under the care of a physician for any reason at all please let me know. Even some very minor conditions and ailments may require an adjustment in our treatment plan. Some conditions may require a physician's release to clear you for massage and may also indicate specific restrictions. My education allows me to know when a release is required and when certain treatments are contraindicated, provided you are thorough and transparent with the medical history. It is of the highest importance to me that all of the bodywork we do is medically safe for you and the more I know the better I can customize your treatment to give you the highest quality of service.

Q: What is the difference between Deep Tissue massage and firm pressure?

A: "Deep Tissue" has become a buzz word that many people equate to "as much pressure as possible". True deep tissue massage aims at affecting the deeper tissue structure of the muscles. "Deep tissue" refers to specific techniques concentrated on releasing specific chronic muscle tension as well as the muscular "knots", or adhesions. These techniques can be applied with varying amounts of pressure and do not have to be painful. In fact for the most effective therapeutic work, it's best to work at a 6-7 on your personal comfort scale.

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