Spiritual Assessment and Intuitive Coaching


Spiritual Assessment 

During a spiritual assessment, I will "tune in" to your energy to identify your unique spiritual gifts. Some you may already be aware of and others may not have revealed themself to you just yet. We will look at the gifts that are available to you at this time and determine what your soul is calling you to express if you choose. I will also often become aware of the next steps for you on your spiritual journey. For example, for one person that may be to embrace a deeper personal meditation practice while for another, we may reveal that it is time to develop their mediumistic abilities and find a suiter teacher. A spiritual assessment is a special type of reading that focusses on gifts, abilities, strengths and weaknesses within those gifts, and the next steps towards the truest expression of your soul. 

Spiritual assessments are also useful if you are feeling "stuck" with the progress of an existing gift or need some clarity on a specific element within your own development. 

You do not need to be a working healer, psychic, or medium to benefit from a spiritual assessment. All you need to be is open to learning more about who you truly are on a soul level. 

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Intuitive Coaching

As you develop your own insights, heal your life or work towards your inner Zen, intuitive coaching assists you in continuously moving towards your highest and greatest good- your best life: body, mind, spirit.

In intuitive coaching, we start by identifying your specific personal objectives (what you want to work on). You may already know what they are or you may still be searching. I will "tune in" to you as we talk and can intuitively help reveal additional guidance or clarity and answers. In my approach, I do not encourage dependency on a psychic or intuitive channel to make decisions for you. You must hold yourself accountable to make choices for your own greatest good. This is why intuitive coaching can be so powerful- because it supports the idea that each person is independently intuitive and has access to their own answers (even if you don't realize yet that YOU have intuition too!). 

The use of grounding and meditation techniques, along with energetic tools and techniques to practice at home, helps develop personal intuition, creating opportunities to make choices in favor of your highest and greatest good. We also focus on how to implement these techniques in day to day situations giving you more tools to create your best life. 

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